Mobile Technology Trends For 2017

Mobile Technology Trends For 2017

Mobile Technology Trends For 2017

Mobile technology trends in the world are something 70 per cent of the people are obsessed with. When it comes to technology — especially mobile technology which updates daily, consumers are not only wanting to learn something new about their device… they want to learn about advances in technology available in the marketplace across all cell phone manufacturers.

Cell Clinic Surrey can help you upgrade your phone with the new and exciting technology available in the mobile telecommunications sector.

2017 — A Benchmark Year for Mobile Technology:

  • Trend of Mobile Apps

According to a new survey conducted by a renowned B2B research company, around 50 percent of small businesses will have a mobile app by the end of 2017. A few years ago, a small business might see 10 per cent of its total traffic coming from a mobile device, but today it’s very much closer to 70 per cent.

  • Location Based Services

Companies today are increasingly using or exploring the potential of location-based data for providing new services or generating new applications for connecting with customers. It allows businesses to offer customers real-time deals based on their location. Cell Phone Repair Surrey offers best repair service in Canada.

  • Augmented Reality App

Augmented reality sounds like a wild futuristic concept, but the technology has actually been in progress for years. It has become more robust and seamless with each passing decade and it helps to boost consumer engagement in both the real and virtual world.

  • Android Instant App

Now you can run your apps instantly, without installation with Android Instant app. Enjoy fast, beautiful user interface with high performance and great capabilities and quick mobile experience.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Mobile

Apps are available that encourage school-aged children to get good grades. And in this competition era, these apps can be used for e-commerce shopping as well. To improve navigability and convenience, developers are integrating deep links into their apps such as Android intents, iOS URLs, and Facebook links that allow users to work across apps without needing to launch them separately.

  • IoT App for ALL

Surrounded by dozens of connected devices, including phones, computers, watches, TVs etc. consumers don’t want the confusion of using multiple devices and interfaces to complete simple tasks. IoT is the better choice! IoT in 2017 will contribute substantially to mobile’s success.

  • Mobile security is a must

As mobile cell phone are with us everywhere — from the office to the shopping mall — security is a major concern. Phones are no longer $100 purchase — many new devices can cost well over $1000. .Buy and sell phone Surrey keeps a check on improving the security of smartphones, as they hold critical and sensitive information of their customers.

  • Mobile Strategy- App Revenue

Revenue for businesses is not just generated strictly by downloading an App, but it also helps market your business and increase sales through mobile, customer engagement, business growth, etc. Thus, learning new mobile technologies should be on top of the list now!



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