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When People get a new cell phone

If you’ve just purchased a new cell phone you’ll likely want to choose some accessories that will help you protect and enjoy the mobile device to it’s fullest potential.

cell phone accessories surrey
cell phone accessories Surrey

Here are a few basic cell phone accessories surrey that will help you get the most out of your smartphone.


Power banks
Power banks

Charge on the go.  There are several types of power banks that will ensure you will always have access to all the benefits of your new phone.  We recommend a small and light-weight bank that takes up little room and offers a minimum of three charges or 1350 mAh for those times when you may be away from power for one or more days. Other power accessories include wall chargers, charge plugs/cords, vehicle chargers, connectors and wireless chargers that work with many of the newer model phones.


Memory Cards

An SD card or a microSD Reader (for iPhone and Android devices) help expand your cell phone’s storage capacity so you’ll always have enough room for photos, videos and all those apps you need. The microSD Card Reader comes with a USB connector on one end and an SD card slot on the other with an extra SD storage slot as a bonus that will help you quickly transfer and view content from your camera and other devices.




Portable Speakers


The sky is the limit when it comes to audio accessories.  Set a budget and determine what you need from your audio accessory.

Portable speakers are a great way to bring music from your cell phone into the backyard, home, office, campground, etc.  Headphones come in a variety of styles (on-ear, in-ear), colors, models and price ranges, and give you the ability to keep your conversations and your music private.





No more tangled cords… it’s a wireless world and you’ll want to take advantage of the many Bluetooth products available that help you stay safe and hands-free while using your mobile device to communicate or listen to music while driving or performing other tasks.



Phone Cases


Phone Cases. It’s recommended to protect all sides of your phone in order to reduce the risk of a break. It’s good to find a line of cases that marry strong shock absorbent capabilities with sleek fashion.

If you’re around water or in a workplace that involves concrete and dust, for example, you may want to consider a waterproof or shock absorbent case that secures the cell phone fully in a protective shell.


Screen Protector


Screen Protection: Installing a quality screen protector on your phone, such as tempered glass, is a great way to reduce the risk of a screen break while protecting the glass from scratching.

What You Should Remember If You’re Buying Cell Phone Accessories Surrey

  1. Make sure that the accessory you’re buying is compatible with you phone. Cell phones aren’t universal.
  2. Buy from a local store or online site that you trust and are known to be legitimate. While there are a lot of places that offer cheap cell phone accessories, they can be unreliable. Be sure you know what you’re getting in advance – local retailers can help guide you with your purchase.
  3. Pay attention to price. Cell phone accessories can vary widely in price so do your research to compare prices and products before buying.
  4. Keep in mind that quality products last longer and give you better audio, power, storage and protection results!



Reason To Use A Phone Case


With phones getting much “smarter” & thinner than their predecessors, one major issue is these sleek smartphones are becoming very breakable.

These slim phones are super slippery, and the first reason to use a case with these new phones is to provide the phone with a rubberized case. Rubberized cases like Otterbox & Gear 4 in our Cell phone repair Surrey store could prevent you from dropping your precious device and breaking it.

cell phone repair surrey


You got the latest phone? Want to personalize it? By putting a cool case on your phone you can show off your own unique personality via your phone.


We all know that phones are mostly ultra fragile pieces of glass, but even if you never drop or step on your phone, it is still very possible to scratch it up and lower its resell value.

Cell Phone Accessories Surrey


Yes, Cell Phone Accessories Surrey are expensive. You might be the one who goes with the trend by using the latest phone, but what if you drop your phone or scratch it? Doesn’t sounds so good right? Why not spend a small amount of money to protect your expensive investment.


Cases do more than just protect. They are plenty of multifunctional cases in our store which not only protects phone but which can act as wallets, bottle opener and also a backup battery case which could make your life way easier.